Sunday, September 11, 2005

White Oak Baptist

White Oak Baptist
3615 Mangum Rd Houston, TX 77092
*I have, personally, visited this shelter*

This church has about 200 people in membership and is currently caring for close to 100 people, some at the church, some in a local hotel. They are planning to support these through December, at least. It costs about $10 per week per person, so tax deductible monetary donations are greatly appreciated. They also need food, diapers, hygiene packages, adult sized new underwear, baby food, formula, feminine hygiene, advil, and cold medicines. Mechanical help for broken down cars is also desperately needed. Many of the cars and a church bus managed to make it here from Louisiana but have now stopped running. You can take any donations to the gym. The sign on the door says drop off. They also have an elderly couple in wheelchairs and could use twin beds, as it is very difficult to get them onto and off of air mattresses on the floor. They are also desperately in need of volunteers. People are especially needed to sort and organize things.


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